Welcome to the Leadworks section
In this section you can find programs and information that allow you to modify/edit levels and related resources of Aliens versus Predator, the popular First-Person-Shooter created by Rebellion Software for Fox Interactive.

The website serves as an archive and the software and information will not be updated anymore. However, we may add previously unreleased programs and the source code of some of the tools soon, so you may want to bookmark and come back from time to time, if you're interested in that.

Special thanks to Kyle 'Pezman' Peschel, Paavo 'S_Hole' Happonen, Lonnie 'Glock' Wilson, Oblivion, Eldritch and Sadogoat for helping us building these programs and assembling the required information and, of course, to the folks at Rebellion and FOX Interactive for creating this game.

Legal Notice: Aliens ( 1986), Predator ( 1987) and Aliens versus Predator ( 1999) are registered Trademarks and copyrights of the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All right reserved.