Battlezone II

Welcome to the Battlezone II section
In this section you can find programs, add-ons and maps for Battlezone II, the popular Strategy/Action game developed by Pandemic Studios for Activision.

The Programs PAK Explorer and AIP Editor have been developed for the Battlezone2 Community Project to help building the Forgotten Enemies Expansion pack. The official and latest versions of these tools can be found on the website of the Community Project.

The MPInstant.dll is the result of researches on the MPI game style and the possibilities of customizing the BZII shell. It was never meant to be developed as a stand-alone, public add-on to the game, so it's just what it is: a BETA product.

The maps listed on the left are all MPI maps, a multi-player game style that was introduced with version 1.2 of Battlezone II. All of them are based on single-player missions or strategy maps of the original game (which have simply been converted to MPI), so they are the properties of their respective owners. We do not claim rights on the material.

Special thanks to Ken Miller, Nathan Mates and Wil Stahl, for answering questions, providing help and tips and of course for creating the game.  Also thanks to all the folks of the Battlezone2 Community Project for creating such a valuable game-expansion and letting us be a part of it.

Legal notice: Battlezone is a trademark of Atari Interactive, Inc. Combat Commander is a trademark of Activision, Inc. The File Formats decribed on these pages have been developed by Pandemic Studios and are their copyright.